Traveling in Taiwan: MRT Metro

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For tourists, subways are probably the most reliable and convenient tools to ride within Taipei and Kaosiung two major urban area. Taiwanese people categorize the public transportation by TRA, THSR, and other rail systems that move within the city area is commonly called MRT (Metro Rapid Transit).

Kaohsiung Metro Formosa Boulevard StationKaohsiung Metro Formosa Boulevard Station Dome of Light。Photo by Chi-Hung Lin, CC: BY-SA

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Traveling in Taiwan: Car Rentals

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photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli
photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli

Taipei is commonly recognized as the capital and the place to go for foreign travelers due to its convenient public transportation system and population density. However, for the adventurous spirit and advanced backpackers, the rest of the island is actually not as hard as imagined to be reached. Taiwan’s Highway system is rather complete and sophisticated, almost any sights and parks can be reached through the road system. With the added benefits of acceptable gasoline prices and well maintained surface, driving could be a good alternative when planning your travel to this beautiful island.

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Backpacker's Tool Pack: Customized Off-Line Map

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On the rare occasion you've found out that you have a good length vacation, when thinking about flying out of the country for a quick escape
What would you do next?

Some people visit travel forums such as Tripadvisor for inspirations; some people use keywords to google travel journeys; others refer to the itinerary of the travel agents. All of this work and channels are for the first and foremost important step of traveling: choosing a destination.
As for me who's busy but always bored enough to think about where I'd go on the next trip, of course there's a bucket list ready for different types of vacations I get at work. Then? It's off to plan a virtual map of my travel itinerary!

Therefore, this article will mainly be about me sharing some of my favorite map tools when planning a backpacking get away. It's my effort of initiation for our readers to join the discussion and share their favorite tools and tips. We also hope other map creating fans can share their tips. The items introduced below will be in the trip planning order and the time where you'd use it.

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Beitou: The Gem of Taipei Beyond Hot Springs

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Beitou is right on the border between the city limit and the suburban area of Tamsui for those who’ve already had experiences traveling in Taipei. With various hot spring hotels and a convenient access through Taipei Metro, Beitou has quickly becomes the new go-to place for those looking to explore the nature without the hassle of driving or taking long distance shuttle bus. But, did you ever know that Beitou has its own history of being occupied by many different groups of people? 

We’re going to tour you some spots of Beitou with important traces of history marks left on them, and things to do other than your regular itinerary of hot spring and food.

Sunny day in Beitou Hot Springs #taiwan #latergram #travelphotography

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It's Free, Free, and Free! Taiwan's WiFi Guide

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Internet has officially become a living essential for modern travelers today, and the most common choice is to purchase a SIM card or number. However, is there an option where travelers don’t have to spend money? Of course there is, and in Taiwan the three major types of free WiFi we’re about to provide are actually accessible and convenient to foreign travelers. Most of your hostels and hotels are equipped with strong internet service, many of the public stations or convenient stores also offer this service now. So if you’re not an internet addict that has to watch every new YouTube video or check-in wherever you go, then you don’t actually need to spend money on purchasing internet! Below are the three common types o free WiFi you can access throughout Taiwan’s cities.

  1. iTaiwan
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Traveling in Taiwan: High Speed Rail HSR

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Traveling in Taiwan, if you want the fastest way from point A to point B, then Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR for short) would be your first pick.

高鐵左營站 Zuoying THSR Station

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Food First, Family Second - How To Eat A Traditional Meal

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Every journey, I’ve always looked forward to the chance of a meal with the locals, it’s always the little details that can reveal the big picture about this country and society. After all, no matter where you live and what you do, we all have to have at least three meals a day. The little details and customs on the dining table, is where I find the best entrance into the local culture.

nullPhoto credit: via VisualHunt / CC BY-ND

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Flashpackers: Flashy Backpackers? Or What?

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We’ve all heard of backpacking, backpackers, the extended version of backpack-something culture. These are the ones who tough out their travel with a gigantic backpack, doesn’t mind sharing a room with twelve difference other people, and likes to travel many non-mainstream destinations tour group shy away from. They are brave, travel nomads who sold everything to hit the road, and would sacrifice living quality to see as many sights as possible. It sounds like a challenging way of travel, a dream for the office desk workers, an unreachable dream for those not mind or physically strong.

Photo credit: <a href=
Your usual backpackers with a bursting backpack. Photo Credit: Ktoine via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

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Stay Connected in Taiwan: Mobile Prepaid Data Plans

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Last Updated: 201601

Firefox Mobile

It’s no doubt that we’re more attached to our mobiles devices and internet more than we’ve ever been in the past. So when you’re traveling in Taiwan, how do you connect to the world? We’ve put together a comparison between the five major carriers’ plans for you to find something that fits your needs!

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