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Internet has officially become a living essential for modern travelers today, and the most common choice is to purchase a SIM card or number. However, is there an option where travelers don’t have to spend money? Of course there is, and in Taiwan the three major types of free WiFi we’re about to provide are actually accessible and convenient to foreign travelers. Most of your hostels and hotels are equipped with strong internet service, many of the public stations or convenient stores also offer this service now. So if you’re not an internet addict that has to watch every new YouTube video or check-in wherever you go, then you don’t actually need to spend money on purchasing internet! Below are the three common types o free WiFi you can access throughout Taiwan’s cities.

  1. iTaiwan

    • Service Introduction
      iTaiwan is set up by the Taiwanese government in the effort to make the internet world more acceislbe to everyone. With more than 8000 WiFi spots throughout the island, the majority of government agencies, post offices, police stations, libraries, and publics schools all have WiFi spots available. iTaiwan also combined the internet set up by local governments such as Taipei-Free (Taipei City), New Taipei (New Taipei City), Tainan-WiFi (Tainan City), iTaichung (Taichung City), iTaoyuan (Taoyuan City), iHsinchu (Hsinchu city), i-Changhua (Changhua City), and finally TT-Free (Taitung). All of these eight city wide internet can be logged in with a single iTaiwan account.
    • How to Apply
      If you have a Taiwanese cell phone number, you can simply register on your phone when connecting to the internet, or register on the internet in advance. If you don’t have a Taiwanese cell number, then you can register here with your passport or Taiwanese entry permit number Here. When using your passport number or your entry permit number, the account will be valid for the next 30 days, it can be extended from 60-90 days. If you are not so much of an pre-register folk, then you can also wait until you landed at Taiwanese major airports, train stations, and metro stations’ information center and have the service personnel set the account up for you.
    • Usage Limitations
      The internet speed is on average 1Mbps. If the device idles more than four minutes, or stay connected more than four hours then the connection would be forced off and you have to manually reconnect again for the next four hours.
  2. 7-Wifi (ibon Wifi)

    • Service Introduction
      Taiwan has the highest density of convenience stores in the entire world, it’s literally the space fillers you’d see down every street in Taiwan. So when we’re mentioning about free WiFi services, it’s very essential to mention the largest chained convenience store 7-Eleven and their 7-Wifi(ibon wifi) free service. 7-Wifi has more than 4800 WiFi hotspots throughout the entire island, pretty much wherever you see a 7-Eleven down the street they’d have free internet ready for you. However, 7-WiFi only offers each account three 30 minutes sessions per day.
    • How to Apply
      To register for a 7-WiFi account you need a Taiwanese cell phone number, then go to ibon Wifi page to apply for an account.
  3. Fami-Wifi

    • Service Introduction
      Family Mart is the second largest chained convenience store, Fami-Wifi offers 2800 Wifi hotspots throughout the entire island, the service restriction is similar to 7-WiFi in that it’s three 30 minutes session per account per day.
    • How to Apply
      To register for a Fami-Wifi account you need a Taiwanese cell phone number, then go to Fami-Wifi ‘s web page to apply.
  4. Other free internet WiFi spots include major airports and THSR stations all offer their own free WiFi within the structure.

A special reminder for all travelers using free internet, even though it might be a stable and high quality service, the connecting process all uses non-encrypted transmissions. Please do not send or input personal information or username/password, in case of data leak or stolen for other purposes.
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Translated by Nasha

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