Traveling in Taiwan: Trains

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One of the most classic way to travel a country is to hop on a train and experience the scenery along the way. To move between Taiwan’s cities, your best bet is to take the trains if driving in narrow and chaotic roads doesn’t sound your travel style. It’s a cheap and convenient method to move between non-major cities without getting traumatized by the traffic. This article is focused on getting you familiar with Taiwan Railway’s routes, prices, how to ride it, and some special things to keep an eye out for.

暖暖車站TRA Puyuma Trains(TEMU2000 。Photo by billy1125, CC: BY

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Food First, Family Second - Breakfasts in Taiwan

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If traveling in Taiwan, don’t ever waste your time or stomach on the hotel’s breakfast, because you’ll regret badly later whether it’s that your full or have gained too many pounds upon returning home. Head out and let the dazzling assortment of breakfast options on the street kick off your foodie travel of the day!

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Cheap flights at a glance! HelloWings: Step by step how to

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Cheap flights at a glance

We all want cheap flights, but deals are hard to scour on the Internet. HelloWings Budget get you all the deals combined in one spot, comparing deals and save even more!

The Comparison Designed for Backpackers

Find your customized deal, then decide the date of departure. HelloWings Budget makes sure you get the best deal on the best date. We don’t need you to register for a username or log in to anything. Simply find where you want to go and where you’re leaving from, click the search button then it’s done.

cheap flights at a glance! HelloWings

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