Although there is no railway connectivity between Jiufen and Taipei, it is easy to get there due to Taiwan's efficient transport system. For the traveler, traveling to Jiufen is both affordable and convenient and can be done as a day trip from Taipei. Known for its labyrinth of old-world streets lined with red Chinese lanterns and with stunning mountain views, Jiufen is one of the most interesting and magical places you could visit in Taiwan. Here is how you can get there.

Taipei - Ruifang station by train, and  Ruifang -  Jiufen by bus. (54 min)

This is probably the most popular route.

At Taipei Main Station purchase a TRAIN ticket to Ruifang Station. You can catch any northbound train from Taipei Station to Ruifang Station (just not trains going to Keelung). A regular train ticket is around NT$49 (about 49 min) and NT$76 for the express Tze-Chiang (which is much faster).

From Ruifang station you need to catch a bus to Jiufen. Jiufen is located uphill from Ruifang and you have two options:

  1. Catch a regular bus (If you are on a budget) .
    1. To find the bus stop in Ruifang on weekdays, turn left after exiting Ruifang Train Station and find the Wellcome store across from the station. You can catch a bus from here. Make sure you have the change or an Easycard
    2. If it is the weekend or a public holiday, facing the Wellcome supermarket turn left and walk 200 meters down the road. The Local Residents Plaza, is where you need to go and is next to the Ruifang police station. (don't go across the street). You will also need the exact change or an Easy card to board here.
    3. Catch the Keelung Bus # 1062 or Jiufen bus 788 (slower) from either point. It takes about 15 minutes and the bus stops at Jiufen Old Street Stop charging you NT$15.

Wellcome Store .

The Land Office in RuiFang.

In Jiufen , there usually are a lot of people getting off the bus so you won't miss the stop. If there aren't, you can always ask the bus driver. Taiwanese are very friendly!

From the stop, you will have to walk back about a minute and to get where you need to be (look for the Seven-Eleven, the entrance to the market is here).

On the return journey, the buses use the same number and will stop in front of the train station square

Jiufen old street bus stop

  1. Go by the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus-Golden Fulong Route
  2. Outside of Ruifang Station, take "Gold Fulong" tourist shuttle. Which will bring to you Jiufen directly and is far more enjoyable.
  3. The bus departs once every hour during weekdays and every half hour during weekends. Between 8:00 and 18:00.

Taipei - Jiufen by bus. ( about 1 hr)

Take a bus directly from Taipei. Public buses depart every 20 minutes from the MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing station, at the intersection of Zhong Xiao and Fuxing Roads. Leave from Exit 2, the bus stop is outside Sogo department store. Catch Keelung Bus #1062 which goes straight through to Jiufen old street stop. It costs around NT$ 102, make sure to have the exact fare in cash or an Easycard.

Taipei - Songshan by MRT  and Songshan- Jiufen by bus. ( 1 hour)

A very easy way to Jiufen is to take the green MRT line from Zhongshan Station to Songshan Station. Exit from the main Songshan exit and the bus bay is across the road. Board the Taipei- Jiufen bus #1062.

Bus stop in Songshan.

Get off the bus at Jiufen old street stop. The fare is NT$98.

A suggestion if you can't board bus #1062 back to Taipei (if it is too busy), take the conventional train from Songshan Station to Keelung Station and then take a train back to Taipei instead. It will take a little longer (unless you take the express from Keelung to Taipei) but it will beat waiting in lines or standing on a bus.