When it comes to the culture and history of Taiwan, we recommend you hop on a high-speed train and head down south to the cities of Tainan and Kaohsiung. Tainan is an old city filled with ancient monuments, fascinating temples and countless delicious street foods to try, whereas Kaohsiung is known as the second city of Taiwan and one of the largest container ports in the world.

There are not as many hostels in the south as there are in Taipei or elsewhere, but luckily, we came up with a short list for you. Here are a number of home-style hostels that we know you will certainly love!

Fuqi Hostel- Zhongzheng  

Website: https://fuqitainanhostelen.blogspot.tw/

Contact: fuqi.tainan@gmail.com

Address: 2F, No.76, Zhongzheng Rd, West Central Dist., Tainan City (10mins bus from Tainan Train Station)

Price range: dorm room 450NT up; private room 1200NT up

What’s special:

  • Traditional-style interior
  • Nearby bus stop
  • Bar and kitchen
  • Free hand-drawn map, story-exchange message box
  • Cheap bicycle rental

Things to do nearby:

  • Confucius Temple
  • Fort Provintia
  • Blueprint Culture & Creative Park
  • Koxinga Shrine
  • Shennong Street

The story of Fuqi Hostel began with two Taiwanese and a French guy, Kevin, Amily and Thierry. After meeting on a same flight back to Taiwan, Amily and Thierry realized how passionate they both are about Tainan, and were inspired to start a backpacker’s hostel: a comfortable and chilled place where travelers could come to make friends and explore the charming old city together.

Rebuilt from a traditional old house, Fuqi hostel is filled with a vintage atmosphere, bringing you back to the earlier years of Taiwan; and located immediately outside, there are plenty of old restaurants and tea shops that the Tainan locals visit every day. If you’re looking to experience the daily life of a real Taiwanese, definitely come and stay with Fuqi Hostel! (By the way, they also have a second place called Fuqi Hostel - Heping, you can find more info about it on the official website.)


365 Hostel

Website: https://www.365hostel.cc/

Contact: 365.hostel@gmail.com

Address: No. 5, Lane 365, Section 2, Ximen Road, West Central District, Tainan City (30mins by bus/5mins by taxi from Tainan Train Station)

Price range: dorm room 600NT up; private room 1800NT per person

What’s special:

  • Location in the most historical area of Tainan
  • Japanese industrial-style rooms
  • Fun activities such as walking tours, DIY classes, travel talks and more

Things to do nearby:

  • Fort Provintia
  • Yongle Market
  • Guohua Street
  • Wusheng Night Market

If you break down the first character of the hostel’s Chinese name “合”, you will get “人一口” which literally means “one bite per person”. 365 Hostel believes that when travelers and locals discover and share food together, it will always end up as one of the most memorable moments of the journey.

So, for foodies, this hostel is THE ONE. As an adaptation of a typical Taiwanese old house, it is situated in the historical area of West Central Tainan, in Lane 365 on the Ximen roundabout, where endless food places are within short walking distance, including the famous Guohua food street. Danzai noodles, squid potage soup, rice pudding wagui, … Loosen your belt and eat away!


Knock Knock Hostel

Website: http://www.knockknockhostel.com/

Contact: knockhostel2014@hotmail.com

Address: No. 10, Ln. 7, Chaha’er 2nd St., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung Municipality (10mins walk from Kaohsiung Train Station, 1min walk from MRT)

Price range: dorm room 550NT up; private room 1500NT up

What’s special:

  • Convenient location
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Free breakfast
  • Sun terrace and cozy lounge area

Things to do nearby:

  • Ruifeng and Liuhe night markets
  • Sizihwan
  • Pier-2 Art Center
  • Ciaotou Sugar Refinery
  • Dadong Arts Center
  • Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
  • Lotus Pond

Knock Knock Hostel can’t be prouder of being part of the sunny southern city that is Kaohsiung. Rich, vibrant and yet stress-free, the city is a modern urban landscape filled with airy cafes, wide streets, bicycle lanes and endless cultural sites, it will take days to see everything, which is why this hostel will be necessary for the trip.

Travelers from everywhere around the world are more than welcome to come knock on Knock Knock Hostel’s door; hopefully what’s behind it will keep you from leaving. It provides you with the most comfortable beds that will make you feel like home, and a modern-meets-vintage lounge area to unwind yourself and make friends. Don’t keep them waiting, just knock!