Relax over a pot of locally grown tea and a scenic night view

 If you want to have a slower paced day, plan a trip to the tea hills of Maokong, which includes a fun gondola ride up to the top of the mountain, an interesting visit at Zhinan Temple, and an enjoyable meal at a teahouse over the scenic night view of Taipei.

The best times to take the gondola up are when the sun is setting, and when the lights of the city are shining at night.  A ride up to Maokong takes about 20-30 minutes, so you will have plenty of time to admire the views below you, such as Jingmei River, the thousands of cars moving along the freeway, and the never-ending tea hills. Tip: since prices are the same, pick the crystal cabin so that you get a see-through glass floor for a more thrilling ride!

If you are into temples, get off at Zhinan Temple station for a quick visit. It is known for its long history and importance to the Taoists of Taiwan, mainly worshipping the deity Lu DongBing (who is one of the eight Immortals of the Taoist pantheon).

Once you arrive at Maokong, you will see plenty of tea plantations and a variety of teahouses, each one of them providing a range of high-quality tea selection. It is very popular among locals to drive up here for tea and late-night chats with friends, over a beautiful night view of Taipei. Remember to try the famous “Muzha Tieguanyin” and “Wenshan Pouchong tea”!

How to get here:

Take the MRT to Taipei Zoo station (at the end of the brown line), and walk to the gondola station nearby. From there, the gondola takes you past the Zhinan Temple and up into the tea hills of Maokong. A one-way ticket to Maokong costs 120NT ($US4.00).