Japan is an amazing country, with endless fun activities to do and beautiful places to see. But we all know one thing: eating there can be very expensive...

So, we’re giving all you fellow backpackers a secret tip on how to eat cheap in Japan: visit a local supermarket just before its closing time!

Not only do Japanese supermarkets sell groceries, they also sell proper food like bento boxes, sashimi and side dishes. Those kinds of ready-made products usually go on sale after 8pm, when closing time draws near. When you see the staff going around sticking discount stickers, that is your call to start shopping!

Different kinds of ready-cooked rice for you to pick,

Side dishes such as fried tempura, potato salad, vegetables…

Even the meat gets discounts!

And don’t miss the delicious bentos!

The discounts can get as high as 50% off, and sometimes even up to 70%. And don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe to eat, just make sure you don’t leave it overnight.

Now that you know our secret tip, next time when you visit Japan, remember to keep an eye out for those yellow discount stickers in supermarkets!