Taipei’s reliable, squeaky clean, and extremely efficient Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT), is one of the many reasons Taiwan is rated so highly as a tourist destination. In short the Taipei  MRT is one of the best there is and brilliant. It is modern and exceptionally safe, easy to navigate, has free wifi, and with added extras like the ‘ anti peeping’ measures in the ladies toilets, it is no surprise that Taipei's MRT system is rated as one of the best in the world.

Taiwan's MRT System.

At the moment Taiwan has three MRT systems operating.

  1. Taipei MRT in the north.
  2. Kaohsiung MRT  in the south (see our article on the KAOHSIUNG MRT).
  3. The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport MRT, which shuttles travelers from the airport to Taipei Main Station in the capital city in about 35 minutes.

Taipei's MRT

The city's metro system has six lines running outward from the center of Taipei, and transfers between lines are mostly close to each other. Each line has both a name and a color making it pretty easy to work out . Stations serve most areas of Taipei from 6 am to midnight and trains run smoothly and on time.


Taipei Metro can be grouped into the followings:

  • Line 1 (Brown): Wenhu Line
  • Line 2 (Red): Tamsui-Xinyi Line
  • Line 3 (Green): Songshan-Xindian Line
  • Line 4 (Orange): Zhonghe-Xinlu Line
  • Line 5 (Blue): Bannan Line

Brown Line (Wenhu Line)

Taipei Zoo to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

Red Line (Tamsui–Xinyi Line )

Tamsui to Xiangshan, Beitou to Daan and Beitou to Xinbeitou.

  •  If your final destination is Tamsui, be sure you get on a train that's headed to Tamsui, as some of the trains stop at Beitou. There is a signboard on the platform in English where you will see the destination of the approaching train, so it is not too complicated.
  • The red line will take you to Beitou Hot Springs, Shilin Night Market, National Palace Museum, Shilin Official Residence and Tamsui Old Street and is a popular line for tourists.

Green Line (Songshan–Xindian Line)

This line travels Songshan to Xindian, Songshan to Taipower Building, Qizhang to Xiaobitan.

Orange Line ( Zhonghe–Xinlu Line)

Huilong to Nanshijiao and Luzhou to  Nanshijiao.

Blue Line ( Bannan Line )

Taipei Nangang Exhibition center to Dingpu , Taipei Nangang Exhibition center  to Far Eastern Hospital.

Maokong Gondola


Regular Tickets.

There are ticket machines at each station that only accept cash coins, however if you need change, you can ask at the information desk. You can also purchase a ticket by the counter.

If you are only going to use the MRT once or twice, buy the single journey ticket, which costs between NT$20 to NT$65. The ticket is a blue token, which you scan as you enter the gate and put into a slot at the gate on exit.

If you are going to be traveling around a lot in a day, get a one-day pass at NT$150, that gives you unlimited travel on the subway until the end of the day.

If you are visiting Taipei for longer, get an EasyCard as it will ultimately work out cheaper .You get 20% discount on the fare and you can use it on buses and there are also discounts to be had if you use the bus after the subway or vice-versa.

Group Tickets

These tickets provide a discount of 20% off for groups of 10 or more and 30% off for groups of 40 or more.

One-Way Bicycle Tickets.

Passengers carrying a bicycle should purchase an NT$80 ticket. Bicycle access is available on weekends and national holidays, 6 AM to closing. Access is not available on all lines so check before. This link is useful.

Extra information.

  • Taipei Metro claims a customer satisfaction level of 94 percent  and you will find that all personnel are extremely helpful and friendly.
  • There are toilets at every station that work and are clean, with additional facilities such as breast-feeding rooms and, "Anti-peeping" in ladies' toilets.
  • There are also special waiting room for women commuters, and intercoms in the trains and on platforms in case of trouble.
  • You can access free Wi-Fi , for more information go here: ,
  • There are free charging stations for your cell phones and computers in the stations .
  • Signage in English, is also big and clear.