Ulanhot Airport is an airport in Ulanhot, Inner Mongolia, China (IATA: HLH, ICAO: ZBUL).

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Ulanhot (Mongolian: ᠤᠯᠠᠭᠠᠨᠬᠣᠲᠠ; Cyrillic: Улаан хот; Latin transliteration: Ulaγan qota; Chinese: 乌兰浩特; pinyin: Wūlánhàotè; literally: "red town"), formerly known as Wangin Süm, alternatively Wang-un Süme, Ulayanqota (Red City) in Classical Mongolian, and Wangyehmiao or Wangyemiao (Chinese: 王爺廟) in Chinese prior to 1947, is a county-level city and the administrative center of Hinggan League in the East of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Between the years 1947 and 1950, Ulanhot was the capital of Inner Mongolia Region. In 1950, the capital moved to Zhangjiakou and then again in 1952 it moved to Hohhot, which remains the capital to this day. The city is connected to Baicheng, Jilin by the Baicheng–Arxan railway (Chinese: 白阿铁路), which runs through the pass south of Ulanhot. China's National Highway 302 runs from Tumen, Jilin to Ulanhot. In the 7918 Network of Highways it will be on the route from Hunchun to Ulanhot . The city is also served by Ulanhot Airport (ICAO code ZBUL, IATA code HLH). Routes flown by Air China and Hainan Airlines connect Ulanhot with Beijing Capital International Airport and Honhot. Just outside the city is a tomb from the Yuan dynasty and a temple dedicated to Genghis Khan. The temple was constructed in 1940. In the year 2002 it received funds for significant expansion.

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