Bodø Airport (Norwegian: Bodø lufthavn; IATA: BOO, ICAO: ENBO) is a civil airport in Bodø, Norway. Located just south of the city centre, on the westernmost tip of the Bodø-peninsula, it shares facilities with the military air force base Bodø Main Air Station. The airport has a single concrete, 2,794 by 45 metres (9,167 by 148 ft) runway which runs in a roughly east-west direction. In addition to jet operations to major domestic destinations, the airport serves as a hub for regional airline flights to Helgeland, Lofoten and Vesterålen.

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Bodø ialah sebuah kotamadya di Norwegia, dengan luas wilayah 1.385 km² dan 44.996 penduduk (perkiraan 2006). Pada 1 Januari 2005, bekas kotamadya Skjerstad digabungkan ke kotamadya Bodø.

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